Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knotty Pleasures

I recently posted about the drink to which I gave the top spirit award: the dark 'n stormy from the Rusty Knot. At the time of posting, I didn't have any available pictures of RK to tempt you, to lure you, to captivate you, or to cajole you into frequenting this west side haunt. But all that has changed. I've got pictures. Lots of 'em. To tempt you, to lure you, to captivate you, to cajole you:

*Mic up sweeping orchestral music*. Behold the coveted, the beloved, dark 'n stormy (see the orange mermaid about to dive, head first, into my drink?). The spiciness is so palpable that the ginger actually rests in your throat, so you can feel the kick long after your last sip.

Two comrades: the Rusty Knot, the namesake drink, and the dark 'n stormy (and a bottle of bitters taking center stage). The Rusty Knot is also delicious. It's effectively a frozen mojito, made with rum, mint, house sour mix, and ice all whirred together for a fantastically fun drink that will set the tone for the rest of your night. It kind of tastes like, well, grass, but really really really really GOOD, sugar-infused grass!

Mai mai, aren't you looking lovely tonight: three carefully concocted mai tais, all dressed up (notice the umbrellas!) and ready to take on the town, err, thirsty takers. Do you see the coconut cups? Honestly, this is stuff of life.

Stirmaster Jesse J. mixing it up:

Oohh, the symbolism: the hidden face behind my deepest pleasures:

Food menu. Mmmm. Gimme, gimme. (Notice the special "tax": the rising cost of carelessness)

Drink menu:

I kid you knot when I tell you these drinks are the edible manifestations of a storming good time! (Notice the synchronized mermaid swimmers)

And to round out the trifecta of things that make me blissfully happy at the Rusty Knot: the pretzel dog. You'd be dogged not to try this: the savory, meaty dog, engulfed in a pillowy cloud of doughy, flakey, and salty magnificence. Nosh on this and you'll be coming back to this fancy faux dive for years to come.

Betchur salivating now:

The nautical-inspired rec room digs:

And as an added treat, I'm throwing in a few gorgeous sunset shots captured on my friend's rooftop (thanks Lisa!). Just something soothing after all that Knotty nonsense!

Looking west towards Joysey:

Life doesn't get much better than this....
The sun goes down upon us....

Be happy and Carpe Diem!

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